1. An internship in Malta to practice English

An internship in Malta is ideal to improve your English level. Malta was a British colony from 1814 to 1974. The Maltese have therefore kept English as their linguistic heritage. English is the official language in Malta (in addition to Maltese). Yes, everyone in Malta speaks English, and that is the whole advantage of this small island. Thousands of people from all over the world come to Malta every year, especially for English, since this international language helps to integrate into everyday life and the professional good. Many people come to take English courses, find a first job, gain work experience, do a university exchange, set up their company, etc.

At the office, in restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas, everything is in English.

Malta is one of the few English-speaking countries in the European Union! So come to Malta and improve your English level!

2. An internship in Malte to acquire professional experience

Yes, we know that Malta is known for its very festive evenings… But did you know that Malta has one of the best economic growth rates in the European Union? Malta is a small island where business is king. Companies thrive there, large international groups come to host subsidiaries, start-ups flourish, investors multiply. Malta is the ideal place to come and gain serious professional experience. There are many internship opportunities, whether in tourism, real estate, marketing, finance, import/export, you will certainly find the internship of your dreams.  This will be a real plus on your CV as in Malta you will work in a multicultural professional environment, between the Anglo-Saxon business mind and the Mediterranean tranquility.  Maltese people like trainees to be autonomous and gradually rise in responsibility. By doing your internship in Malta you will be able to highlight interesting internship assignments in English on your CV.

3. An internship in Malta for the international side

A quarter of the population in Malta is made up of expatriates from all over the world.  By doing your internship in Malta it will be a complete immersion in the international world. People come from all over the world to this island, which is barely visible on the planet.  Americans, Russians, English, Italians, Germans, Turks, Japanese, French, Spanish, all nationalities come together, so if you want to speak a language other than English during your internship, believe us it’s possible! Since there are many expatriates coming to Malta, and they find themselves alone in a new country, they are all looking for new friends, probably like you! In Malta it is extremely easy to meet new people, just go out, go to parties for expatriates, there are even special evenings for those who want to practice their English. Some, always with the idea of practicing other languages, even offer language exchanges over coffee, helping you to progress in your native language and helping you in theirs.

4. An internship in Malta to discover a new culture and amazing landscape

Malta was consecrated capital of European culture in 2018 and not for nothing! Have you looked at some pictures of Malta on the internet? Just through a few photos we understand that Malta is magical, its fine sandy beaches, its crystal clear waters, its small colourful boats (called Luzzu), its buildings with honey-coloured stones, its churches with impressive vaults. The landscapes are magnificent, but not only that! Malta’s history is immensely rich. Crossroads of the Mediterranean the island has been colonized many times by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, French, English among others. There is no shortage of historical sites to visit on the islands: Temples, Cathedrals, Forts, Palaces, Castles, Guard Towers and Fortifications, Fortified Towns, Catacombs, during your few months on Malta you will certainly have something to visit! There is no shortage of activities on the island, diving, horse riding, sailing, climbing, marathon etc. Malta is really the perfect place to do an internship and not be bored.

5. An internship in Malta for affordable prices

Let’s not talk much, but let’s talk well. We know that students often have small budgets, yet they love to travel, party and visit… but all at a cost! Malta is THE cheapest English-speaking destination in Europe. We will be around 450 euros per month (500 euros in summer) for a private room in a shared apartment. While it would cost about 1000 euros per month for the same thing in London!  For food, it obviously depends on your stomach, but 150-200 euros per month should be enough.

Concerning the outings, they will certainly fit into your student budget; count 20 euros per person for a small restaurant by the sea (dish and drink), admission to nightclubs in Paceville is free, an alcoholic drink (such as the famous “Jack Coke”) will cost you about 3 euros, and enjoy the hours and hours on the beach? If you are reassured, it will obviously cost you nothing. So are you ready to come and do your internship in Malta and enjoy your weekends with all kinds of activities?

In conclusion, Malta is the ideal place for students who want to improve their English, gain new work experience and enjoy an extraordinary adventure without spending too much! Feel free to take a look at our internship packages in Malta, we take care of everything for you, just send us your CV. And to access our internship offers in Malta, it’s here.