Doing an internship abroad? An excellent way for students to improve their language skills, discover a multicultural entrepreneurial spirit and open up to an international experience!

However, precisely because a cultural barrier remains, many students cannot find foreign companies to help them live this experience.

How to put yourself forward in the eyes of foreign recruiters in your cover letter or CV? Or more simply, what profile of foreign intern are recruiters looking for?

Your experiences abroad

To make it easier to get your internship abroad, your tourist trips and cultural and linguistic stays should be valued at 100%! This proves that you are resourceful, that you have experience with foreign languages and cultures. This will show the recruiter that you can integrate easily and quickly into any situation.

Your level of English

One of the questions you will certainly be asked for your internship abroad: DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? And it would be better since without mastering this language, your internship could quickly become very challenging. In addition, recruiters require a minimum level of understanding and intermediate or even advanced expression, which is understandable because you will not be given responsibilities if you do not have the level necessary to express yourself or understand the tasks you are given.

Another language would be a plus

For an international internship, the more languages you speak, the more interesting your profile is. Whether it is to prospect in new markets, translate documents into a foreign language or bring a multicultural touch, speaking several languages is a major asset that attracts recruiters.

International perspectives

In search of a new dynamism, recruiters are interested, beyond the individual, in what your experience and culture can bring. Indeed, your difference is a potential source of inspiration and can allow your company to open up to new international perspectives.

During your internship abroad, you could help the company to open up to new markets that you have mastered, such as those in your home country. You have mastered the language, you can more easily find the right contacts, speak the language of the country, you know better than anyone else the mores, the culture, the needs of the country. Highlight this asset that will only appeal to the recruiter.

In addition, recruiters of foreign profiles will look for people who appear to be competent in their field, engaged in collective causes or in sports that develop leadership.

To conclude, the recruiter should have the general impression when reviewing your profile that you have some experience abroad and that you will be able to interact appropriately with their team. The important thing is also to value what you can bring as a foreigner. Argue, for example, about your open-mindedness and creativity.