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Land your dream internship in the UK with us and enhance your resume while exploring the UK's rich history. Look beyond haggis, pudding and bagpipes, grab your umbrella and let yourself be inspired by this amazing cultural mosaic known as the United Kingdom!

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Which training opportunities does the United Kingdom offer?

The United Kingdom is a leading financial centre. Indeed, the London Stock Exchange is the third largest stock exchange in the world. Many banking institutions such as Barclays, Rothschild or HSBC were founded centuries ago and still have their headquarters in the City. Let's dive right into the action with a traineeship in the UK! The UK can also take pride in its industrial sector, which provides many work placement opportunities in engineering, marketing and sales. The country is renowned for its sport and premium car brands such as Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren, Jaguar … The aerospace industry is another great example of the British leadership in state-of-the-art technologies. Did you know that Rolls-Royce, on top of being one of the most luxurious car brands in the world is also the second largest jet engine manufacturer? If the technical industries do not appeal to you, know that the British economy is not only driven by technical innovation but also cultural ones. Creative industries, such as media, advertising, arts, design, fashion…, are boosting the country's dynamism. So many reasons for you to choose the UK for your internship abroad! We will help you find your fit! It would be a shame to miss a chance to add a greatly valued international experience to your resume.

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Why go to the United Kingdom for your internship abroad?

Explore buzzing cities or wander in the countryside to discover enchanted landscapes and castles straight out of fairy tales. This country will never cease to amaze you! And what better way to improve your English than interning in the United Kingdom? If you are lucky, you might even bring back one of those charming accents!

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What can I do while interning in the United Kingdom?

Make the most of your work placement abroad and discover the popular British traditions. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of a soccer game at Wembley Stadium or a rugby match at Twickenham. Then, don't forget to celebrate the third half and join the other supporters at the pub! If you are getting tired of big cities, go to Blackpool, a traditional seaside resort on the Irish Sea where you can find the Big One, UK's tallest rollercoaster and have delicious fish and chips on the seafront. While you are on the road, why don't you head north and take a tour of the most renowned Scottish whisky distilleries? You are doing your summer internship in the UK? Make sure you don't miss Glastonbury, Britain's most popular music festival held in June, or The Fringe, a huge arts festival held in Edinburgh each August. If not, don't worry, you can still take advantage of your time off to plunge into Liverpool's or Manchester's epic musical heritage. A traineeship in an English-speaking country will kick-start your career and broaden your horizon. If you are eager to meet students and interns from all over the world, the UK will be perfect for you!

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United Kingdom Internship Packages

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Internships in the United Kingdom

  • An interview with your personal Internship Makers agent
  • A review of your resume
  • Proposals of internship offers in the United Kingdom matching your expectations, skills and level of English
  • A personalised coaching session before the interview with the company to ensure your success
  • The organisation of an interview appointment with the company
  • The signature of your internship agreement
  • A personal Internship Makers agent for all your questions and requests
  • A practical handbook guide about life in the United Kingdom
  • A «smooth stay» monitoring support service
  • A map of United Kingdom
  • Getting you in contact with other students in the United Kingdom

Internship package price for the United Kingdom is 519€


Accommodation in the United Kingdom

  • The search for your accommodation in the United Kingdom: a room in a shared apartment or a host family according to your preferences
  • A place close to the location of your host company
  • A rent within your budget (as far as possible)
  • Pictures and description of the flat or the host family before acceptance
  • All accommodation are furnished and equipped
  • Reception of the keys and incoming/outgoing walk-thru inventory
  • The option to switch accommodation (based on a valid reason and availability)

Accommodation package price for the United Kingdom is 149€

Servicios extras

You can pickup these extra services for your experience in the United Kingdom


Transfer arrival - departure (Airport / Accommodation)


English courses at a qualified language school



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