Your internship in the United States

Imagine the sensation of freedom enjoyed while road tripping on Route 66, imagine yourself admiring the beauty of the Grand Canyon cliffs or seeing with your own eyes the Independence Hall or the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco…. You could do all these things during your next internship in the USA. The only question is: What’s holding you back from living the American Dream?

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What kind of internship opportunities in the USA?

From Thomas Edison and its patent for the light bulb in the 19th century to Bill Gates nowadays, United-States has hosted some of the most innovative people and companies in the world! And indeed, Americans love entrepreneurs and their free spirit! The country is currently the world’s leader in technological innovation and scientific research, and entrepreneurship is a major driver of the US economic growth. So, if you have a creative mind and you always come out with new ideas, be sure that your attitude will be more than positively welcomed and encouraged during your work placement in the US! Well developed, the economy of the US is mainly based on services and its stock exchange is the largest in the world. However, the US economy also relies on manufacturing, especially on industries such as car-making, aerospace, construction machinery, telecommunications, electronics or consumer good. Actually, it is the world's second largest manufacturer! So we are pretty sure there is a perfect professional internship for you in the United States, just let us find it for you! Giants such as Google, McDonald’s, Apple, Microsoft or Boeing are American. There must be a reason for that and… we guess you are about to figure it out!

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Why is the United States the perfect destination for your internship in English?

Leading super-power of the world, the United States of America is also the world’s third-largest and most-populous country. With 10 of its major cities reaching at least the 4.5 million inhabitants, you won’t feel alone during your internship abroad! That’s for sure! And the best thing is that a good part of the friends you will meet there will be coming from everywhere around the globe! Indeed, for years people from the 5 continents have been coming to try their luck in the United-States converting the country in one of the most multicultural nations across the world! And you? What will you achieve with this work placement in the United States?

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What should I visit during my internship stay in the US?

Full of historic monuments, natural wonders and, of course, of entertainment venues, America has a lot to offer to its visitors! You just need to find out what you are really looking for! Are you a free spirit seeking for adventure? Then Niagara falls and their 51 meters height will be an absolute must-see during your internship in the USA, just as well as the four faces of the presidents engraved in Mount Rushmore stone! Are you a history lover willing to understand and learn more about the country’s history? Then you should find some time during your international internship to head to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, discover the birth place of both, the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Walking through the alleys of the National Mall in Washington would also be a great idea. You could admire the more than famous obelisk of the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King pronounced his sensational speech “I have a dream” or The United States Capitol, home of the United States Congress. Your inner child is encouraging you to play and have fun? Do not miss out the four theme parks and two water parks of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, or the two parks of The Disneyland Resort in California. If you are more of a nocturnal, the Las Vegas Strip with its large casinos, resorts and its crazy thrill rides would be your paradise on earth! What about jumping for the Stratosphere or hopping in a roller coaster 264m from the ground? And, of course, if go to the United States for your internship this winter, you won’t be able to miss the Super Bowl! Believe us, your American friends won’t allow it!

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United States Internship Packages

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Internships in the United States

  • An interview with your personal Internship Makers agent
  • A review of your resume
  • Proposals of internship offers in the United States matching your expectations, skills and level of English
  • A personalised coaching session before the interview with the company to ensure your success
  • The organisation of an interview appointment with the company
  • The signature of your internship agreement
  • A personal Internship Makers agent for all your questions and requests
  • A practical handbook guide about life in the United States
  • A «smooth stay» monitoring support service
  • A map of the United States
  • Getting you in contact with other students in the United States

Internship package price for the United States is 1499€


Accommodation in the United States

  • The search for your accommodation in the United States: a room in a shared apartment or a host family according to your preferences
  • A place close to the location of your host company
  • A rent within your budget (as far as possible)
  • Pictures and description of the flat or the host family before acceptance
  • All accommodation are furnished and equipped
  • Reception of the keys and incoming/outgoing walk-thru inventory
  • The option to switch accommodation (based on a valid reason and availability)

Accommodation package price for the United States is 300€

Servicios extras

You can pickup these extra services for your experience in the United States


Transfer arrival - departure (Airport / Accommodation)


English courses at a qualified language school



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