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At Internship Makers, we know that searching for the right interns and recruiting them actually takes time. Just think about those precious hours that you’ve spent interviewing the wrong candidates… Now think about how much more productive these hours would have been if you had spent them focused on your core business. Frustrating, right?

Internship Makers handles your recruitment process for interns in only 6 simple steps and support you throughout each internship periods. And the best news is… We do it for free!

¡6 easy steps!

To find a intern

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    01. You describe the internship position(s)

    If you already have a description for the internship position you want to fill, please do not hesitate to send it to us directly by email at business@internshipmakers.com.

    If you haven’t described the role yet, do not worry! You can send an offer in Send an offer section.

    Tip: Do not hesitate to detail the tasks and missions the intern will be doing as well as the profile you are looking for. The more precise you will be, the more accurate will be the profiles we send you.

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    02. Internship Makers select the right candidates for you

    Internship Makers will advertise your internship offer to the students registered in its database and broadcast it within its network of partner Business Schools and Universities.

    We will then identify and carefully select candidates to fit your company needs and requirements.

    We assess every candidates professionally and during their interview, we:

    • Analyse their professional experience
    • Examine their skills and knowledge
    • Assess their motivation
    • Get a feel of their personality
    • Check on their diplomas
    • Test their level of languages
    • Analyse their social and professional behaviour

    Internship Makers will also introduce your company, your products/services and the position you offer to the candidates and will answer all their questions.

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    03. We introduce the selected candidates to you

    Internship Makers will send you an e-mail with:

    • The CV(s) of the candidate(s) matching your expectations
    • An interview report for each candidate
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    04. You interview the candidates and select them

    You choose the candidates you want to interview and notify their name to Internship Makers.

    Internship Makers will organize interviews (via phone or via Skype) between you and the chosen candidates.

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    05. You decide who you want to take on board

    After interviewing a candidate, you are free to decide whether you want to accept the candidate or not.

    Once you accept a student for an internship, Internship Makers will send you the internship agreement provided by the intern (from its school). You will just have to sign it and send it back to Internship Makers. We will then announce and confirm you the intern’s arrival.

    Please do not send the internship agreement directly back to the interns as they will pay Internship Makers’ fees for the service before receiving it.

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    06. Internship Makers follow up

    Internship Makers will follow up on the conduct, integration and progress of the chosen intern.

When do we start working together?

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