Our vision

One day, people won’t be from a country or even from a continent anymore: they will be from the world and they will feel so. They will travel, work and live anywhere they like. We are here now and we will be there then to help them do so.

Our mission

To help people learn while travelling. Finding internships and accommodation abroad, Internship Makers helps young people open their minds and start, not only their careers, but also their lives at a global stage. It also helps businesses grow, connecting them with qualified and inspired students from all over the world.

Our values

  • Knowledge

    We believe that learning is the key to a better world

    Not only education, but also practical development of new skills and travels are essential for the next generations to build a better future.

  • Availability

    We listen with open-mindedness and enthusiasm

    We listen to this qualified student, to this start-up entrepreneur, to this accomplished businessman talking about their projects with passion, we understand their needs and we connect the right people together.

  • Ethics

    We believe that no company can grow without integrity, and if so: what’s the point?

    We are here to help young people get where they want to go in life and companies find the right human resources to move forward.

  • Positivism

    Make it happen!

    We act in a world of entrepreneurs and young people shaping, not only their future, but the future of our societies. It’s inspiring! They all have a dream and we are here to help them make it come true.

  • Activeness

    Make a difference and do it now!

    We do not wait for others to build the path. When there is no path, we build it ourselves.

  • Diversity

    There are no cultural gaps, only opportunities to learn

    Because the best people can do for this world is becoming and being who they truly are, we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.

  • Cheerfulness

    Because we are not going to change the world being grumpy

    It’s not only useless, it’s counterproductive!