The weekend is coming and all you can think about is lying on the couch and watching a series on Netflix. Take off your blanket! You have a thousand plans to make in Ireland!  

If you always have a quiet plan in mind, you can enrich yourself culturally. Without going too far, in Dublin itself, you will find the castle and St Patrick’s Cathedral, which will allow you to travel in a few seconds to another era.

But if you really need to immerse yourself in another world, you should visit the library of Trinity College, which is famous for being the largest in Ireland. It is used by the College and University of Dublin. The most impressive thing is that it is a legal deposit, which means that everything that has been published in the Republic of Ireland will give a free copy to this incredible library.  

If you are really interested in the history of Ireland, you should certainly visit Kilmainham Gaol, a former Dublin prison that has been converted into an impressive museum. The history of the museum is no loss, the prison was inaugurated in 1796 under the name of New Gaol, replacing the old Irish prison. Many of the people imprisoned were former leaders of the rebellions for Irish independence. What are you waiting for?  

If, on the other hand, you are a person who does not stop, you will not be able to avoid the Irish holiday! There is an incredible variety of Irish pubs where you can enjoy a quiet beer while listening to live music. For partygoers, you can’t leave out the incredible evenings at Dicey’s Garden Club or Temple Bar a street full of bars. You will find a unique atmosphere, full of life and future friendships. For the most curious, your plan will never fail to visit the Guinness brewery, where you will be taught the whole process of making this fantastic local beer.  

But don’t worry, not everything is about drinking, Ireland has a great cuisine. If you like food, you can’t avoid going to Boxty House more than once, where you will find typical Irish quality food at a very low price. If, on the other hand, you have a problem with sweet things, I found your defeat, Queen of Tarts, you can choose from thousands of cakes, each one better and more impressive. Although you won’t be able to go out without tasting their fabulous cheesecake…  

And then …What better way to lower the food than walking with deer in Phoenix Park, or if you prefer to lie down and relax in the middle of the city go to Stephen’s Green, where in a moment you will forget that you live in a city.  

Whether you like football, rugby or not, don’t miss the opportunity to cheer on Irish teams at the stadium – you’ll enjoy an incredible sporting atmosphere, full of passion and joy!   What are you waiting for? Start planning your weekends in this wonderful country.  

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